The aim of Science courses is to educate generations that can use the knowledge and skills acquired in daily life, have creative and critical thinking skills, and establish a relationship between science and technology. For this reason, it is provided to deepen the knowledge that our students have learned in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Science and Technology courses, experiments, applications, observations and subsequent evaluation in our laboratories in a way that will not be forgotten.

In our laboratories equipped with modern tools, our students strengthen their in-class education through observations and practices. Our students who carry out project studies in the field of Science can continue their laboratory studies outside of the course. In our laboratories, experimenting for our students under the supervision of our teachers and laboratory specialists becomes as much fun as scientific.

We have 3 laboratories: Physics, Chemistry-Biology, Science and Technology. Childhood and adolescence are the period in which curiosity, creativity and entrepreneurship are the most. In this period, it is also important to give students the opportunity to practice by doing and living, and to eliminate these hungers. In our Science and Technology laboratory, experiments are conducted in accordance with our topics and achievements processed from pre-school to 8th grade every week, videos are watched and the information learned through the evaluations made afterwards is reinforced in a way that will not be forgotten.

The aim of the chemistry laboratory is to introduce the world in which it lives, the goods it uses, the nutrients it needs to live and the substances in the air; properties and relations between them. In chemistry teaching, laboratory is an important factor in learning since it provides first-hand experience by observing and experimenting.

In our biology laboratory, our students are able to see the living things, tissues and light microscopes and analyze the contents of the foods with chemical substances. They learn how to exchange substances in our cells by using our glass materials and artificial intestines. In addition, our students experience the excitement of identifying each other's blood groups and embodying the knowledge they encounter in daily life. At the same time, they examine the organs in our body by using dissection instruments.

In our physics laboratory, as in other laboratories, our students are able to conduct a large number of experiments with their own hands and to reinforce the theoretical knowledge they have learned in the course. Laboratory environment is created in all courses. The laboratory is an important part of the lectures all year and is the best place to discuss topics with students.