Mission and Vision


Büyük College; is an exemplary educational institution where happy, successful and innovative global citizens are raised in mutual respect and tolerance.


In line with this vision, Büyük College:

Strives for academic excellence in light of universal ethical values by creating individuals that are respectful, sensitive, quality-driven, eager to learn with an understanding of the modern world; these individuals are educated in a safe and egalitarian educational environment where individual differences are respected.

Hikmet Doğay
Founding Educator

History and Executive Board

The Executive Board of Büyük Kolej is comprised of C. Rumi Doğay, the Founder, Chairman of the Executive Board and CEO; Tansel Saatçioğlu, Board Member and Deputy CEO; and Tansu Doğay, Board Member. The three siblings grew up at Büyük Dershane, the only institution that one could think of as a tuition center in Turkey throughout a certain time period which was founded by their father, educator Hikmet Doğay. C. Rumi Doğay is a graduate of Industrial Engineering at Boğaziçi University while Tansel Saatçioğlu graduated from the Faculty of Pharmacy at Ankara University and Tansu Doğay from Faculty of Dentistry at Gazi University.

Büyük Kolej's education journey started with Büyük Dersane, which was founded in 1951, and progressed in 1986-1987 academic year when primary and secondary school students were registered for the first time. When the high school section was added, the building in Maltepe fell short of responding to needs associated with the increased number of students. That was when Büyük Kolej moved into the campus in Gaziosmanpaşa, an elegant neighborhood in Ankara, where preschool and first grade students studied at a separate building. The campus is equipped with modern classrooms, an indoor sports hall, a semi-olympic swimming pool and multiple laboratories exhibiting cutting-edge technology. In 2011, Büyük Science High School, which delivers special education to students gifted in science, was inaugurated. Büyük Kolej has been modeled on international schools since its establishment. It has been accredited by the CIS (Council of International Schools), which it has been a member of since 2001, thus securing a strong place among the reputable schools in our country.

Büyük Kolej's Board Members carry on the name and spirit of Hikmet Doğay, their father and their lighthouse in education, via Büyük Kolej Hikmet Doğay Library and Media Center as well as Hikmet Doğay Remarkable Student and Teacher of the Year awards. They have also established Nedime Education Foundation named after their mother to support university students with insufficient financial means.

Büyük Kolej is an affiliate of Büyük Kolej A.Ş., which also owns a tourism industry affiliate, namely Aqua Fantasy, a most exclusive aqua park and hotel established in Kuşadası in 2000 enjoying global reputation thanks to the awards it has received.

Corporate Policy

The recruitment of academic staff as well as administrative and service staff, the use of school facilities, the scholarship requirements and management structure, among others, are published in Büyük Kolej's Corporate Policy manual. 

A Multilingual System Preparing for Higher Education

Büyük Kolej High School Program adopts an approach that focuses on the preparation of students for higher education in their targeted areas and ensures that they attain the required proficiency in the second foreign language of their choice. Efforts aimed at improving students' personal skills such as laboratory practices, projects as well as national and international activities are implemented in addition to the basic courses taught with a scientific approach.

Students study at a support program preparing for higher education as well as the curriculum set by the Ministry of National Education. They take nationally-applied tests to prepare for university entrance exams, the most important exams in their lives, under the guidance of specialized teachers. Training events supported by projects such as Maths Olympics as well as club efforts, social and cultural trips and artistic and sporting activities are carried out for students to grow up as individuals who think independently and know and understand not only their own environment and culture but also the world and different cultures.