There are 4 groups of food services at our school, namely the lunch room, cafeteria, canteen and pita bakery. Preschool students and 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th graders are obliged to have lunch in the lunchroom under the supervision of their teachers. Meals are cooked in the school kitchen by our professional staff using TSE and ISO quality-certified, high quality products and the most appropriate tools and equipment complying with healthcare and hygiene requirements. Food menus are prepared by our school dietician in consideration of seasonal conditions and in order to meet the energy and nutrient needs of our students according to their age groups. Our lunch room offers a variety of meals to choose from. This allows our students to choose from a wide selection of hot and cold dishes as well as salads, fruit and desserts, all prepared daily and meticulously to cater to all tastes. Our lunch room staff holds hygiene training certificates issued by the Ministry of National Education.

Food samples are stored in sterile glass jars for 72 hours. Our lunchroom and canteens are routinely inspected every month by the inspection committee established in our school in line with the principles stipulated in the "Regulation on Special Hygiene Rules for School Canteens" issued by the Ministry of National Education, Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock and Ministry of Health. Starting from the 5th grade, students who do not prefer to eat in the lunchroom can eat at the cafeteria, canteen and pita bakery in our school.

Breakfast and afternoon snacks

Our school offers breakfast and afternoon snacks to preschool and primary school students. Furthermore, students staying at school for extra study hours are given a snack in the evening.

Cafeterias and canteens

Our cafeterias and canteens sell products deemed appropriate in accordance with the regulation issued by the Ministry of National Education. Fresh fruits, fresh fruit juices, milk, yoghurt, buttermilk and dried nuts are sold to support our students in acquiring a balanced diet habit.

At our school, our students make expenditures via a card/fingerprint-based electronic payment system. This system allows parents to closely monitor their children's spending. Located next to our swimming pool, the Pool Cafe serves students and parents not only on weekdays but also on Saturdays.