Büyük Kolej: Ankara Özel Okul, İlkokul, Ortaokul, Lise, Kolej, Fen Lisesi

At Büyük Kolej, emergency medical services for students and all staff are delivered by a doctor, a dentist and a nurse serving at the school infirmary. The primary aim of the service is to offer preventive health services.

Common use areas such as the lunch room, canteen and toilets are inspected, the health status of the staff is regularly checked and tap water, drinking water and pool water are regularly analyzed on previously-set dates. First of all, it is ensured that students and all staff act within an awareness of cleanliness and environmental protection. Students are directly involved in this effort. The Health, Cleaning and Environment Branch is chosen as an educational branch and the students selected for this branch guide all students to act responsibly for environmental protection.

In addition to preventive health services, treatment services are provided by specialized personnel in our healthcare team as well. After the first intervention in the infirmary, parents are informed if deemed necessary. In case of an emergency, students are immediately referred to a healthcare institution and parents are simultaneously informed. In addition, depending on the situation of students, the Psychological Counseling and Guidance Department is consulted with.

Our school pursues a definite healthcare policy for all enrolled students. A health monitoring card is kept for each student. Students are routinely vaccinated in cooperation with the related unit of the Ministry of Health and their certificates of immunization are kept. A medical examination book is kept regularly and contains records of students who visit the infirmary for a medical examination.