Dear Grand College Family,

We, as the Parent-Teacher Association, prioritize teamwork awareness; We want to provide the best conditions for our children, our most valuable asset, within our boundaries by establishing a bridge between school and parents. Parent-Teacher Association Management; organizes and sells wardrobe keys, supplies of gowns and caps at secondary and high school graduations, April 23 ball, sister school aid campaign. In order to produce more social responsibility projects, to organize activities and excursions that students will learn while having fun, to be a kind voice of our parents, we want to be hand in hand with you while we are giving back together in unity.

Hope to see you in beautiful and useful works worthy of the Great College…

Head of Parent-Teacher Association

Example: Esra Asrak
With the election held at the Ordinary General Assembly meeting held on 27 October 2018, the distribution of duties of the new board is as follows.

Leader: Esra Asrak Vice Leader: Duygu Aysan Erkılıç Accountant: Duygu Aşçıoğlu Member: Petek Solak Secretary: Gonca Şahiner Member: Ülkü Uzun Member: Sevgi Yeşim Kalaycı Üye: Burcu Topuz Denetim Kurulu: Meltem Ayfer Toprak