Büyük College is an exemplary educational institution in which happy, successful and innovative world citizens are raised in mutual respect and tolerance. The Public Relations and Publicity Unit acts in line with the vision of the company and adopts its corporate identity to its own employees and all the groups that make up the target audience. In order to gain their support, they formulate strategies in the light of concrete data, develop policies in line with these strategies, plan and implement activities and conduct public relations and promotion activities.

The Public Relations Unit announces the activities carried out in our institution and the achievements of our students in various fields to the public through the bulletins prepared. Our department continuously monitors the news in the printed and visual media and informs the archives and other related units.

Culture, art, sports, etc. are organized in the Grand College. content of seminars, conferences, ceremonies, meetings, exhibitions, fairs, concerts, etc. Our department, which works in coordination with the related units in the realization of the activities, performs the necessary announcements and promotional activities during the realization of these organizations.

Our golden rule is “smile and smiling face”.

Our philosophy; to etmek make “the people in the institution“ happy ”and to establish positive relations with those outside the institution.

The Great College Public Relations Unit works with a full team spirit from its general manager to all of its staff.

As explained in the words of N. Kemal; “The self-indulgent self-service people know ten".

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