Our goal:

Mak To give students the habit of reading, learning and using a library for life,

Yetiştir To train students of information literacy of the information age,

Desteklemek To support course programs,

 To explain school library resources, library services and the importance of reading.


Başında At the beginning of each academic year, the library is introduced with all its features so that students learn how to use the library and media center in the most efficient way.

Işbirliği The culture of using the library in cooperation with the groups is tried to be gained to the students through practical courses.

 Literature is followed, publications in accordance with age groups are examined in cooperation with groups, publications are received in line with students' tastes and requests, and recommendations are made for students to read.

Kitap Books, periodicals and other materials that are new to the library are made ready for use with the library automation program called procedure. This program provides on-line catalog access to bibliographic identities of all sources. It can be searched from inside and outside the library via web page.

Saati One hour of Turkish lessons is held in the library every week. In these courses, students are aimed to be individuals who have learned to learn. Activities prepared by librarians are carried out in accordance with class levels.

Işbirliği The books to be read by the students are determined in cooperation with the Turkish language teachers. Analysis of the books read in the last week of each month.

Kit Preparing book-oriented materials for kindergarten and first year students is aimed to increase their interest in reading books.

Kitap From the first day of opening of schools, the bookworm project starts to be implemented. Successfully carried out in the project targeted; The aim of the course is to give the students the habit of reading and writing, to improve their writing and expression power, to develop a sense of responsibility by using the library and to contribute to their development.

Dışında In addition to the main purpose of the library, activities that contribute to social and cultural development are continued outside the library and library.

 Independent and shared reading activities, bringing students together with writers and poets,

Organizing interviews and signature days, publishing stands by publishing houses

promotion of our students and to ensure that our students get discounted books, workshops are organized for age groups, library week celebration activities are kept alive with the interests of our students.

Everyone living in the community, especially students, should acquire the habit of regular and continuous reading. For many years, Büyük Koleji has been conducting the Kur Bookworm ”project at primary level. Students are selected as bookworm based on the number of pages they read and as a result of small conversations on their understanding of what they read, and win various prizes. The main objective of this project is to give a lifelong reading habit by arousing the desire to read at a young age.

The most effective way of learning for human is to read, a society that is educated by reading becomes successful and strong. The possibilities of modern technology that make life easier and all the works that make up the information age of the day come out of the books. The earth is full of information and books that cannot and cannot be moved to a computer. The Great College has a rich library of books for all of its students. Thousands of works, from art to science, literature and periodicals, support research, learning, thinking and fun in the Great College library.

Technical services:
Selection and provision of materials, cataloging and classification of materials, maintenance, repair and updating of materials

Reader Services:
Advisory service, loan service

Courses Applied in the Library:
- Starting from preschool classes throughout the academic year, resources are introduced and reading hours are made according to the level of students at certain hours of Turkish classes.
- Elementary school students are searched for resources according to the unit topics.
- At certain times of English, German, French and Spanish classes, sources of cultural and literary collections of these languages ​​are scanned and readings are made.
- Some of the reading activities in 9th grade Turkish Language and Literature classes are held in the library.
- Readers are informed about the library and automation system throughout the year.
- In addition to the development of resource search skills, information search techniques and the use of electronic resources are also applied to students.

Most of the books in the Great College library, which has a capacity of 18500 books, are composed of English and Turkish books. These books were determined based on the needs of all students and faculty at primary, secondary, high school and science high school levels in line with the curriculum.

Great College Hikmet Doğay Library Works:
- Classical and contemporary works of Turkish and World literature,
- English, German, French and Spanish books,
- Reference books supporting education and training,
- Consultation resources,
- Children's literature collection for all age groups,
- Atatürk Library from A to Z,
- Supplementary textbooks for students,
- Consists of teacher libraries and periodicals.

There are 15 periodical subscriptions in Turkish, German and English. The collection is constantly updated according to the needs.

Based on the objectives of the IFLA / UNESCO Declaration of the School Library, the Great College Hikmet Doğay Library continues its activities in this direction.



The library of our school can be used by students, teachers, staff and parents of Private Büyük College Middle School, High School, Science High School and Primary School.
 Teachers and students benefit from the library lending service using a Card / Fingerprint reader.
 Member registration is done by the library specialist in the library.


Kitabı The period of borrowing a book is 15 days. This period can be extended for 7 days according to the reader's request.
En Up to 2 books can be purchased at a time (two different types).
 Members cannot buy books on behalf of another person or lend them to another person.
 Consultation resources (encyclopedia, annual, dictionary, atlas…), periodicals, DVDs and CDs are not borrowed.
Gerekli The required parts of the books that are not borrowed are allowed to be photocopied (Micromarkette).
Kitap The books to be used in the lessons are taken by the teacher at the break before the lesson and brought back at the end of the lesson.
Ün Borrowed books should be returned within the specified time. No other publication can be borrowed unless the book is returned or the period is extended.
Ere 10 days before the students who have delayed the loan period without disability; The students who delay the second time are not given a book for 20 days.
Sonunda At the end of the academic year, all library users (including teachers, students and staff) are required to submit the library material they borrow.


Öğretmen Teachers who come to the library to conduct research with their students are required to notify at least one lesson hour in advance.
Iler Students who want to work in the library and do research can benefit from the library during lunch breaks.
Öğrenci No student can be in the library during class hours without the permission of the instructor and the relevant assistant manager.
Kitap The books in our library have been classified according to the Dewey Decimal Classification System and are available for use according to the open shelf system.
 Library experts can be consulted for any information needs.
Yayın No publication can be taken out of the library without computer registration.
Kitap Books borrowed from the library and advisory resources should be used well, should not be torn or worn out. Nothing should be written in the books.
Bed The cost of the books that are worn out, rendered useless or lost are paid to the person concerned with the cost of the volume.
Davranış Behavior should not be disturbed by other people in the library, should be quiet and should not be spoken loudly. * Students who break the silence are removed from the library.
Yayın Students should not change the places such as chairs, armchairs and tables in the library.
Kişisel Personal items such as bags and coats must be left in a suitable place at the entrance of the library.
Cep Mobile phones cannot be used in the library. Mobile phones are kept closed.
Yiyecek You cannot enter the library with food and drink.
Temizlik The cleanliness and order of the library should be observed and the rules mentioned above should be followed.


Bilgisayar Computer terminals opened for users in our Library and Media Center should only be used for library scanning and research purposes (scanning the library catalog, conducting research from electronic sources and databases, doing homework, etc.).
 It is strictly forbidden to chat on computers, play games or change computer system features.

Library opening hours:

Weekdays - 08.00-17.00

(Except public days and school holidays)

Those who do not comply with the rules of use cannot benefit from the library and media center.

The purpose of the school library is; In line with the principle of “library is an integral part of education desteklemek, it is to support education and training programs and to gain access to information skills. Independent and shared reading activities are carried out in library classes in order to gain the habit of reading books.

One hour of Turkish lessons is held in the library every week. In these courses; students are aimed to be individuals who have learned to learn. Activities prepared by librarians are carried out in accordance with class levels.
3,4,5,6,7. In the classrooms, the books to be read in accordance with the themes of the students are determined during the academic year by cooperating with Turkish language teachers. At the end of each theme, the books are analyzed by guided discussion method (circle technique). With this study, reading comprehension, interpretation, oral expression development is aimed.
In the 3.4th grade, the bookworm project starts to be implemented as of the week after the schools are opened. Successfully carried out in the project targeted; The aim of the course is to give the students the habit of reading and writing, to improve the writing and expression power, to use the library, to reinforce their research skills, to contribute to their development by developing their sense of responsibility.

Aims of Bookworm Application;

To give students the habit of reading,
Improving the power of language and expression,
To develop a sense of responsibility,
To gain the ability of reading comprehension and transferring,
Exploring the area of ​​interest in reading,
To be able to make comments using imagination,
Learning and activating the use of library for life,
Gaining a sense of trust,
Improve vocabulary and pronounce the words correctly,
Expressing feelings and thoughts,
To contribute to the formation of their appreciation by enabling them to move freely in the book choices in the open shelf system order in our library,
In addition, our students meet with the authors of the books they read, to contribute to their social and cultural development.
2.3.4. To Be A Bookworm In Grades:

1- Books are borrowed from the School Library and read.

2- The standard form of the book is filled in accordance with the spelling rules.

3- The completed forms are examined by the classroom teachers and the forms are delivered to the library teachers after they are signed.

4- When the books and forms are delivered to the library, if sufficient answers are given to the questions asked by the librarians, the bookworm is accepted and filed.

5-The forms of the English books read by the students are reviewed and signed by the English teachers and delivered to the library.

6- The student who reaches the required number of books in accordance with the age group determined by the clan decision is entitled to be a bookworm.

7- Turkish + English documents are prepared for the students who are bookworm.

8- It is provided that the school principal gives their documents and receives stars in the portal.



2.3. Grades 4 and 4;

* The number of books to be used from the library for each level is at least 6 Turkish and 2 English books.

* Students' own books in accordance with their level are included in the bookworm without limitation provided that they fill out the bookworm forms in the library and tell them according to the same criteria.