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Dear Parents,

Choosing the right school to reveal your child's strengths is perhaps one of the most important decisions you make in your life. The primary school period is when the most important foundations that will prepare your children for life are laid. The primary school you will prefer should be a school that instils confidence in you thanks to its institutional structure, has a strong staff structure comprised of teachers and experts and has an educational understanding which fully accomplishes its vision and mission.

At Büyük Kolej, an internationally accredited school, we believe that successful education is only possible when children are inspired by their families and teachers. Education starts in the family before nurturing and growing at school. Responsible adult role modeling that supports student achievement and promotes emotional intelligence is possible through family members at home and teachers at school. At the K-12 level of education and in the process of preparing individuals equipped for today's multicultural and increasingly-globalized society, our school offers students educational environments and a rich curriculum as well as social activities, all up to international standards.

Our school is a contemporary and dynamic institution that allows students to take intensive course hours to be able to use English as well as a second foreign language effectively alongside their mother tongue and teaches languages within their cultural and social context. Our training program features an inquiry approach that harmonizes students' interests and abilities with what they have learned, thus enriching their innate curiosity and encouraging their love for learning. This approach is effective and important in the development of the 21st century skills that lead our students to success in personal and business life. Our teaching staff consists of administrators and teachers with international experience, talent and motivation.

Our team meticulously models the targeted student profile, taking into account individual differences and different learning styles, and instils these profiles in the student's thoughts and behaviors. A strong sense of common purpose has a place in our learning community. It increases our motivation and success and enables us to achieve our goals.

Esteemed Parents, Dear Students,

As a member of Büyük Kolej Family, I would like to thank you for your interest and trust in our school and I wish you huge success to be attained together.

Kind regards,

Arzu GÜR
Principal of Private Büyük Primary School

"We cannot just close our eyes and imagine that we live alone. We cannot put our country in a circle and break our ties with the world. To the contrary, we will lead a life above the level of civilization as an advanced, elevated and modern nation. Such a life is only possible through science. We will take science to our side wherever it may be and insert it in the head of every member of the nation. There are no terms and conditions for science."

Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk














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