Büyük Kolej: Ankara Özel Okul, İlkokul, Ortaokul, Lise, Kolej, Fen Lisesi

With the contributions of students and parents, Büyük College built Atatürk's bust in many schools with the motto “No School Without Atatürk Bust! Kal. Our school aims to educate generations who have absorbed Atatürk's principles and revolutions while educating environmentally sensitive and socially responsible students. For this purpose, social responsibility projects carried out for many years have a special place in Büyük College. Previously Yahya Galip Elementary School, Nurcin Sayan Primary School and Siteler Tasca Elementary School students who have made Bust Ataturk Secondary School Middle School students and parents, Gulten Kösemen Elementary School has had the Atatürk bust. Our students and Social Assistance and Solidarity Club students, advisor teachers, who carry out all these activities successfully for years, organize charitable campaigns for institutions and organizations such as LÖSEV, nursing homes, nursing homes and Mehmetçik Foundation with great sensitivity.