Büyük Science High school is a science school where both students and teachers advance in their academic pursuits with the help of technology by all means in a skill-centered environment. All students of the Büyük Science High school complete their social and emotional development simultaneously, with the aid of the plan which is differentiated for each student. Büyük Science High school is not just a science school; it is a part of the Büyük School family. As a part of it, Büyük Science High school benefits from the social and physical activity facilities of the Büyük School, where all health, security and hygiene standards are top-notch.

The program of Büyük Science High school is established on the student’s aim of higher education levels and prepares them for it. Also the program aims students to learn a second foreign language sufficiently besides English. In summation to the science-based core lessons, our school provides the students with the opportunity to conduct hands-on experiments in labs, to participate in projects and to attend national and international activities, which help improving personal skills.

In addition to the curriculum prescribed by the Ministry of National Education, the students who are subject to the higher education preparatory support program subject to the national scale tests with the assist of teachers who are experts in their field of work, aiming to prepare them to their most important examination in life which is a university entrance examination. Apart from educational program conducted, students are offered extra-curricular activities like Mathematical Olympiads, club activities, social and cultural field trips, sports and arts which help students improve their perspectives on cultural and environmental issues. The overall program aims students to get upward to be independent, savvy, intellectual people who are well informed about the world and the cultures.