A Student Centered, Multilingual Learning System

The Middle School Program at Büyük Kolej embraces the student centered learning system.

In parallel to fundamental subjects which are practiced within a scientific approach, the students also have the chance to master in English and one additional foreign language starting at the primary school level. Thus, the students improve their knowledge and abilities through the core curriculum applied with a scientific approach while refining their skills in foreign languages and gaining the ability to express themselves efficiently both in Turkish and English. Besides refining their academic and social skills, our program also encourages students to develop a global perspective and achieve environmental awareness.

In parallel to the curriculum of the Ministry of Education, the education program in Büyük Kolej is supported by projects and clubs such as Mind Games, Destination Imagination, Math Olympics and JMUN, as well as social, cultural, scientific field trips and sports activities that enable the students to grow up as independent individuals with extensive world knowledge.