Büyük Kolej was founded in 1951 under the name Büyük Dersane. It has grown to become one of Turkey’s pioneering schools. The school opened elementary and middle schools in 1986-87 academic year and in 1990 with the opening of the high school it expanded. Since then, hundreds of students have graduated and have gone on to very successful careers. As the school has grown, so have its facilities. In 1996, the school opened a new building located across from the main building that serves the needs of Early Years and 1st grade students. In 2011, the school opened a new division, the Büyük Science High School. The school is determined to be a leader in the science field and the opening of this new division is just the first step to reaching this goal.

The school has some of the best facilities. There are two separate buildings. The newest and smaller building serves the needs of the Pre-School and 1st grade students. In this building, in addition to the students’ classrooms equipped with computers and projectors, an indoor playground, a traffic training area equipped with battery-operated vehicles, and the NEDIME EDUCATION FOUNDATION meeting hall are located. There is also an outdoor playground surfaced with tartan in order to provide our students with a safe environment to explore and play out. The main building serves the needs of the students between 2nd through 12th grades. This building is equipped with two computer labs, an indoor gymnasium, an indoor short-course swimming pool, a fitness center, a tartan multi-purpose sports ground, two science labs, a ballet and gymnastic studios, an art and ceramic workshops, chess rooms, music rooms, a library, an infirmary, a dining hall and two separate cafes.

Büyük Kolej is a fully academically accredited school that is divided into four divisions: the the elementary school (which includes the early-years), middle school, high school, and the science high school.


Our Vision:                                

Büyük Kolej is an exemplary institution where content, successful and innovative world citizens are fostered in an environment of mutual respect and tolerance.

Our Mission:  

It is the aim of Büyük Kolej K 12 Schools to fulfill this vision by

  • instilling in the learners the conscious aim of contributing to world peace, while at the same time maintaining a sense of their own cultural identities
  • endowing the learners with the means to develop their intrinsic motivation in order to manifest their desire to learn
  • providing world standard education in English and Modern Languages in order to promote international understanding
  • encouraging international awareness in the learners by developing an international point of view and intercultural understanding, and providing opportunities to the learners to gain the skills and knowledge to participate in a global society
  • offering programs to foster self-confidence, high moral values and environmental sensitivity in individuals who will make positive contributions to the well-being of the world
  • executing curricular studies that furnish students with state-of-the-art academic knowledge that will enable them to be successful in national and international examinations
  • organizing activities that will equip learners with highly developed proficiency in the areas of the arts, sports and social subjects comprising 21st century skills
  • securing an effective learning environment that caters for individual learning styles and differentiated learning within a student-centered approach
  • implementing a program of continuous professional development for the school community in a quest for excellence in training and education
  • creating a non-discriminatory atmosphere where a full equality policy is practiced in all spheres from enrollment to graduation
  • adhering to an overall educational policy that is devoted to fulfilling the accreditation requirements of the Council of International Schools (CIS)


All policies employed at Büyük Kolej, such as the academic, administration and service staff employment, facility utilization, scholarship terms, administrative issues are included in the School Policy Manual. This manual is updated at the beginning of each year. Click Here to see the final version.